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Public Libraries Transform Lives™

We are adamant that as part of the Social Contract between the British State and its People, and enshrined in the 1964 Libraries and Museums Act, it is the duty of the British State to fully fund ALL Public Library Services.

Public Libraries are a lynchpin in our Welfare State.

​Join Us - We Want To Hear Your Story

We are asking you to help us ​​make as many videos as possible​ to show the world how important Libraries are to us all. We want to hear your stories...


Anna and Lara tell you why they love their Hay on Wye Public Library - and how it all works


Tom tells us Books were FREE in post-war Britain.

"I discovered, way back in the late 1940s, when I was 7 years old, that Libraries existed and books were free - that day changed my life forever."


From Canada to the UK - Marva tells her magical story of hiding underneath the stacks in her home-town Library...

Join Us - Tell Your Library Story

Would you like to make a video for our Public Libraries Transform Lives project?

We are seeking members of our community who will help us increase the numbers of people we reach on Social Media with these videos, we need more - lots more. This project has the possibility of going regional and national - become part of it.

It's a discussion or story telling project - your story.

​We want to hear your story

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